The definitive all purpose transfer film.

Check out our Ultra Cut Turbo video…

Ultra Cut Turbo is a new polyurethane transfer film equipped with a special hotmelt for quick application at low temperatures.

  • Low temperature
  • Quick press
  • Hot or cold press
  • 24 colours
  • Oeko-Tex accredited
  • REACH compliant
  • Made in the EU
  • Perfect for: cotton, polyester, polycotton and uncoated nylon

UV Printing

Have you ever wanted to know more about UV printing and what it can be used for? Well here’s your opportunity.

UV printing offers the flexibility of digital customisation and takes productivity to the next level. Instant curing, a layered texture and a raised printing effect to create a dimensional print is what you could expect to see from a UV printer in the Xpres range.

UV printers can print on to a variety of three dimensional objects and substrates including acrylic, glass, metal, polystyrene, PVC, wood, brick, leather, board and canvas. Printing pens, giftware, industrial goods, personalised awards, product prototypes and mobile phone cases are achievable and the possibilities are virtually endless.

These machines have a reasonably low energy consumption, depending on their size and are typically environmentally friendly with minimal emissions.

UV printing offers a smooth, glossy finish with brilliant colour definition. Fast drying inks are a great advantage to UV printing to keep productivity times low. Suitable for outdoor and indoor applications and resistant to scratches and wear & tear is also an appealing factor to many decorators looking to delve in to UV printing.

Each of the UV printers we offer at Xpres have a unique capability and variable maximum printable areas to suit all budgets and purposes. Check out our range at or call 01332 85 50 85 to book a demonstration.



London Roadshow 2016


We’re Back in Shoreditch
Following the success of our 2015 London roadshow, we’re back in Shoreditch with even more equipment, products and ideas to share!


Why visit?

From 1st-3rd November, Xpres will be taking over White Rabbit Studios to showcase a range of our most popular consumable products, there’ll be something to suit every production need!


Opening hours

Tuesday 1st November • 10:00-17:00

Wednesday 2nd November • 10:00-17:00

Thursday 3rd November • 10:00-12:30


What’s on show?

Our knowledgeable staff will be on-hand to answer your queries and there’ll be live system demonstrations of various small and large equipment.


What do your customers really want?

Do you feel like you need to know your customers better? Is it possible that you could be missing a sales opportunity?

Getting to know customers is unfortunately getting harder but why is that? Research has shown that customers are less loyal and far less trusting than they used to be. Consumers actually have more power than ever before and that’s down to social media, easy online comparison shopping and more choice constantly popping up in the market.

The key to knowing your customer base is to do your research. What do your customers really want? Is it something extra that you maybe already supply and they’re just not aware of it or are they needing things that with a little investment on your part, could be possible for you to supply them with. Your customers could be going to another supplier and they’re reaping the benefits when it could be you.

Stand in your customer’s shoes. If you already supply mugs, could it be an idea to start supplying coasters? Could you look at other sublimation consumables? Key rings and photo gifts can be very popular and if you already have the printer and the paper to produce these products, why not buy the heat press and start making some extra money.

This scenario can apply for small format printing solutions right up to large format signage. If a customer is already buying banners from you. They have a fleet of cars that are branded with their logo. Where are they getting those stickers produced?

This is all food for thought I’m sure. It’s extremely likely you could personalise more products than you currently offer with your existing equipment.

Choosing the right film for sports kits.

With the sports season in full swing we thought you might need a little helping hand with choosing the right film for your sports and team wear applications.

At Xpres we have a wide range of films to choose from whether you’re looking for something with a full block out to go on to a dark sublimated kit or a transfer film that doesn’t require such high opacity.

Through continued research we have found that sportswear garments are generally polyester or contain a high percentage of polyester. These garments have more than likely been dyed with liquid dye or sublimation dye due to the polyester fibres being white in their original form.

More heat when applying the transfer film can affect both processes. When dye sublimation and liquid dyed products are subjected to high temperatures it restarts the reaction that took place to dye the fabric originally and sportswear films all need to be pressed at a temperature in excess of 100°c.


So what’s the solution?

Unlike standard single colour or digital print textile transfer films, sublimation block out products can prevent this dye migration from occurring. This is due to having an extra layer of block out that is sandwiched in to the film. When pressed, this layer acts as a barrier and prevents any liquid dye or sublimation dye bleeding through to the film and discolouring the transfer.


Transfer films that are suitable for application on to sports kits and team wear include Ultra Cut opaque range, Ultra Cut Turbo, Flexi Cut, Extra Flex and Sport Flex.


Some materials although not manufactured with a block out layer can boast good block out properties. This can be due to having a low pressing temperature or being a thicker film. Take a look at our Xpres opacity guidelines for more information.