Bar Blades and Runners

Show off style and corporate identity with our bar blades and runners.

Bar blades are a must have for the busy bar tender popping endless bottle caps nightly. Strong and simple to use with a smooth finish,these are easily personalised to make the perfect eye catching tool and gift.

A non-slip rubber backing and a white polyester printable surface are what make the bar runner ideal for bars and cafes, easily soaking up spills whilst showcasing your chosen message or logo.

These best selling lines offer excellent margin potential and are so simple to print!

Clam or swing? Which is best?

Whatever your pressing need it’s important to find the right heat press for you and your business. Here at Xpres we have a professional and knowledgeable team that can help you pick the perfect heat press.

However, before you take the plunge and invest in a brand new device you’ll want to research the market and compare the available options. Here’s a few key facts and tips that you’ll find useful.

Adkins and Sefa are both leading manufacturers in the heat press market, with a range of solutions for your business.

So which type is right for you?

The Swing press

We recommended that sublimation prints should be pressed with a swing press. The press swings away from the item on the bed and means that the heat isn’t hovering over the substrate providing extra unwanted heat. As sublimation inks turn to gas it is important that the substrate receives the right amount of heat.

The swing press has many benefits however you do have to consider space in the workshop. The swing presses from Adkins are made from cast iron, making them robust and long lasting although costlier than the clam press.

Some of Sefa’s presses come with a twin timer, a breathable base bed, a laser alignment feature plus many more impressive extras. A range of swing presses are available from both Adkins and Sefa in different designs to suit individual needs.

The Clam

With a reasonably low cost in investment, clam presses mainly appeal to the garment decorator, especially those with restricted space. The clam presses in a downwards motion heating firstly from the back of the press as it clamps down.

Adkins clam presses are made from fabricated sheet iron and are available in different sizes. The French manufacturer Sefa have a clam press with a pull out drawer base meaning that the heat is away from the garment in the same way as the swing press however taking up much less room in the workshop.

Call our specialised team for more assistance on 01332 855085.

Is the garment film you’re using right for you?

As a garment decorator have you ever wondered which garment film is best to use? Maybe you’ve tried numerous garment films and still not found a suitable material.

Here’s a few handy tips about some of our general purpose films in the range that should hopefully help and lead you the way to saving time and money.


With 53 colours in the range, Super Flex is one of our most popular garment films. Having a mild sticky backing makes intricate designs quick and simple to produce. Super Flex is ideal for multi-colour transfer layering meaning you can create some vibrant multi coloured designs. The General purpose film is suitable for application onto cotton, poly/cotton and polyester. An environmentally friendly transfer material which is easy to weed, cut and apply.

Garment decorators commonly use Super Flex for fashion wear, t shirts, hats, workwear and promotional wear.


Easy flex has a gloss finish and is suitable for multi coloured layering. More than double the thickness of Super Flex, it has a slightly sticky backing so is useful for producing both large and fine detailed logos.


Ultra Cut is an excellent product for producing particularly fine details as it has an integral sticky backing. With a hot release and a wide colour range Ultra Cut film could be the perfect one for you. Again the film can be multi layered so why not use it to make intricate colourful designs? The opaque colours are perfect for sportswear as it eliminates any dye bleed through.


New to the Xpres range is the ultimate transfer film Ultra Cut Turbo. Our new film can be pressed in just 3 seconds!

The definitive all-purpose transfer film is equipped with a special hotmelt for quick applications at low temperatures. The transfer film has a soft touch and a matt surface finish. Garment decorators can use this film on almost anything made of cotton, polyester poly/cotton and nylon. Perfect for a garment decorator looking for a single multi-use film but also ideal for the garment decorator that hasn’t got the space for copious amounts of stock or a busy business looking to save pressing time.


Ultra Cut Turbo

Ultra Cut Turbo is the new definitive all purpose transfer film.

Ultra Cut Turbo is a new polyurethane transfer film equipped with a special hotmelt for quick application at low temperatures. The transfer film has a soft touch, a matt surface finish and is suitable for multi colour transfer layering (excluding metallic and neon colours).

Featuring temperature application from 130°C, quick pressing times and a thickness of just 95 microns +/-10%. 

The all purpose transfer film is perfect for cotton, polyester, polyester/cotton and uncoated nylon. The film is OEKO-TEX accredited and is made in the EU. The raw materials used to make Ultra Cut Turbo are REACH compliant, chemical free from heavy metals, formaldehydes and organic tin compounds.