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If you’ve got an order to fulfil or need to decorate an item, but haven’t decided which of our textile transfer films best suits the job, then panic not!

Our perfect transfer film finder is quick and easy to use and will help you to decide on the right film with the help of the experts…us!

Simply answer a series of straightforward questions focused on material, level of detail required, peel temperature, flexibility and finish and hey presto – we’ll tell you which film we recommend based on your choices. It’s that simple!

Our film finder has a range of materials to suit your requirements so all that’s left for you to do is take the questionnaire.

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Make the right Ink choice!

If you’re new to the print industry or an established professional, it may be possible you have already come across the question of whether or not to use third party inks.

As you already know quality, colour and durability of ink is essential in producing high quality graphics and long lasting prints. Hopefully after reading this you’ll be able to make the right decision for your business as to whether you should use manufacturer inks or opt for using the third party ones.


Here’s the facts:

-       Ingredients of some third party inks are unknown. These have been proven to cause damage to eco-friendly and high end substrates of which are being printed.


-       Third party inks don’t always have a print media profile suitable. This can result in more ink being laid down than needed, therefore costing more.


-       Manufacturer inks have been specifically designed with the specification of the machines in mind. Third party inks haven’t been specifically designed to fit and work with your particular machine and have a lower level of compatibility.


-       The lower compatibility level can result in faults and lasting damage to the machine. This in turn obviously would cost your business money and time. More often than not third party inks can void insurance warranties.


-       Third party inks can result in increased downtime, sometimes for head cleaning or general maintenance. These inks could contribute to the slow deprecation of the machines performance over time.


-       The use of third party inks can sometimes accelerate the need to replace your machines costly parts increasing overheads in the long-term.


With promised savings of up to 30% no wonder decorators consider giving these inks a try. But after considering all the facts. Is this really saving you money?

Unfortunately, there is very little educational material out there to warn of the potential downfall of using third party inks but hopefully this information will help to make the right decisions for your business.

New to wide format textile printing?

If you’re new to wide-format textile/garment printing, we’ve put together some useful advice to get you off to flying start!

Don’t be haunted by ghosting!

Ghosting and shadowing are common bugbears experienced by textile printers. To avoid lateral movement on application, Xpres recommend using a thermal adhesive paper such as SubliPrint Thermo. When heat is applied, thermal adhesive paper bonds to the substrate, which fixates the print in place and minimises the risk of ghosting. It’s a simple, yet essential way to optimise your printed textiles regardless of whether you use a flatbed press or calendar unit.

Go large when it comes to heat application!

It’s crucial to ensure that the size of your heat press is as big – or bigger – than the maximum output size of your printer. Having an oversized press or calendar unit enables utilisation of the full width of your printer, whilst providing peace of mind in the knowledge that your heat appliance is capable of comfortably covering the full print. What’s more, should your production volume increase, it’s usually cheaper to upgrade a printer than a heat press or calendar unit, so go large when it comes to choosing a fixation source.

The importance of a blank leading edge!

Creased paper is a major cause of unwanted blemishes on printed textiles. In order to avoid this common problem, Xpres recommend leaving a blank leading edge when sublimation paper is fed into a calendar unit.  Providing adequate blank space precedes the printed area, any initial creases will have ironed out by the time the print comes into contact with the textile.


If you’re looking for a striking transfer film, we have plenty to choose from with our ever expanding range.

Transfer films such as Glitter, Camouflage and Metallic are just a few in the range that would be perfect for decoration to create eye catching garments.

Glitter film from Xpres helps to create a unique finish to any design and can be applied to an array of garment types. A striking finish and ease of use are just a few of the films many benefits.

Metallic is a user-friendly garment film ideal for producing both large and fine detailed logos. The film gives a distinctive effect and is great for application on to cotton, polycotton and polyester.

Camouflage film currently has a multitude of uses according to many of our decorators. Such as stag and hen parties and on-trend unique designs. Camouflage will combat even the most demanding levels of production with a pressing time of just 15 seconds.

Create garment designs with style and individuality. Take a look at our full range here.