Make the right Ink choice!

If you’re new to the print industry or an established professional, it may be possible you have already come across the question of whether or not to use third party inks.

As you already know quality, colour and durability of ink is essential in producing high quality graphics and long lasting prints. Hopefully after reading this you’ll be able to make the right decision for your business as to whether you should use manufacturer inks or opt for using the third party ones.


Here’s the facts:

-       Ingredients of some third party inks are unknown. These have been proven to cause damage to eco-friendly and high end substrates of which are being printed.


-       Third party inks don’t always have a print media profile suitable. This can result in more ink being laid down than needed, therefore costing more.


-       Manufacturer inks have been specifically designed with the specification of the machines in mind. Third party inks haven’t been specifically designed to fit and work with your particular machine and have a lower level of compatibility.


-       The lower compatibility level can result in faults and lasting damage to the machine. This in turn obviously would cost your business money and time. More often than not third party inks can void insurance warranties.


-       Third party inks can result in increased downtime, sometimes for head cleaning or general maintenance. These inks could contribute to the slow deprecation of the machines performance over time.


-       The use of third party inks can sometimes accelerate the need to replace your machines costly parts increasing overheads in the long-term.


With promised savings of up to 30% no wonder decorators consider giving these inks a try. But after considering all the facts. Is this really saving you money?

Unfortunately, there is very little educational material out there to warn of the potential downfall of using third party inks but hopefully this information will help to make the right decisions for your business.

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