Soft signage start-up – All you need to know.

Are you a garment decorator thinking of breaking into the soft signage market?

It’s likely you already have some of the equipment you need to start supplying customers with soft signage. Perfect…. A lower initial investment!

A garment decorator starting out in soft signage will need a wide format printer (a minimum of 44 inch would be required to supply any soft signage of a decent size) in addition to a large format heat press or calendar unit.

Consumable products that need to be purchased consist of inks, paper and textiles.

The whole set-up is quite simple and cost effective. An entry level set up could start at as little as £8,500. This includes a 44inch wide printer, a large format heat press and a full set of inks. This kind of set-up would be perfect for decorators also looking to supply home décor products, cushions, curtains, tablecloths, throws etc.

Decorators looking to fully immerse themselves into the soft signage market and want to start producing large flags and display graphics should consider a slightly larger investment of around £25,000+. This would include a large heat press or calendar unit and a wide format printer.

The soft signage production process has some significant differences to garment decoration.  Garment decoration can often require pre and post treatment of the textile (DTG) or pre-cutting and weeding, all of which can prove time consuming.

Soft signage simply requires artwork to be printed on to rolls of sublimation paper and transferred to the textile using a heat source. Soft signage will require some additional finishing with trimming and hemming of the textile. However, this is dependent on the type of product being produced.

The transition from garment decoration to soft signage can be relatively straight forward if the decorator has previous experience with sublimation as the process is relatively similar.

So what are you waiting for? Soft signage is suitable for a number of markets in both private and public spaces. It is becoming increasingly popular for homes and offices to incorporate replaceable tension display graphics over traditional canvases.

Public spaces such as retail shops, museums and restaurants are utilising soft signage for several key factors including durability and the aesthetic qualities.

Time to think soft signage and diversify your business!


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