UV Printing

Have you ever wanted to know more about UV printing and what it can be used for? Well here’s your opportunity.

UV printing offers the flexibility of digital customisation and takes productivity to the next level. Instant curing, a layered texture and a raised printing effect to create a dimensional print is what you could expect to see from a UV printer in the Xpres range.

UV printers can print on to a variety of three dimensional objects and substrates including acrylic, glass, metal, polystyrene, PVC, wood, brick, leather, board and canvas. Printing pens, giftware, industrial goods, personalised awards, product prototypes and mobile phone cases are achievable and the possibilities are virtually endless.

These machines have a reasonably low energy consumption, depending on their size and are typically environmentally friendly with minimal emissions.

UV printing offers a smooth, glossy finish with brilliant colour definition. Fast drying inks are a great advantage to UV printing to keep productivity times low. Suitable for outdoor and indoor applications and resistant to scratches and wear & tear is also an appealing factor to many decorators looking to delve in to UV printing.

Each of the UV printers we offer at Xpres have a unique capability and variable maximum printable areas to suit all budgets and purposes. Check out our range at www.xpres.co.uk or call 01332 85 50 85 to book a demonstration.



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