Maintaining your DTG machine daily

Our Epson Sure colour F2000 DTG machine is extremely simple to use and very easy to maintain. Maintenance is important in order to keep your machine healthy and productive.

The Epson Sure colour F2000 works best under constant use, however we are aware that this is not possible at all times and the machine may sit idle for prolonged periods.

We recommend to not turn the machine off at the plug at any time. The machine automatically goes in to sleep mode after a certain time so will not be wasting energy by being powered 24 hrs a day.

We advise that upon starting your working day, turn the machine on at the control panel. When powering up the machine from its ‘sleep mode’ it will automatically perform a quick ink circulation.

Now perform a nozzle check as outlined in the user manual. Check all nozzles for clogging. If any of the nozzles are clogged at this point, then visit the maintenance menu on the control panel menu and perform necessary cleans as directed until you have all nozzles completely clean.

For further assistance with maintenance please refer to Epson User’s Guide from page 44 onwards or visit us online at

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